Art Gallery at Llanteglos
Oriel Llanteglos Art Gallery


We are pleased to announce that in 2020, the Garden Lodge Conference Facility was leased out as an art gallery featuring paintings, sculpture, ceramics and craft work of a number of prominent Welsh artists. They include: -

Paintings: Lyndon Thomas (Acrylics - Welsh Landscapes); Alan Knight (Oils - Welsh Scenes); Dave Roberts (Pastels - Snodonia & Welsh Mountain scenes); Jantien Powell (Acrylics - Pembrokeshire Coastal Path); Glenn Carney (Tempura - Vibrant, Abstract, Floral); Andrea Kelland (Watercolour/Oil - Pembrokeshire Coastal); Jill Jones (Acrylics/oils - Welsh Seascapes & Cottages); Byron John Lambert (Oils - Welsh Coastal/Industrial/Cottages); Jacqueline Alkeema (Portraiture - Psychological, Emotional representation); Rhona Tooze (Batik - Welsh Scenes); Caroline McLachlan (Acrylics)

Sculpture: Angela Farquharson (Bronze & Porcelain); Geoffery Fahey (Ceremic/Bronze); Neil Mason (Porcelain/Bronze)

Ceremics: Peter Wills (Bowls); Tim Lake (Cultured domestic items); Lesley Badger (Misc creations); Poliana Bandeira (Trendy domestic items); Margaret Brampton (19th century themes); Simon Rich (Crystal glazed); Catherine Rich (Trendy gold/bronze enhanced Aztec pieces); Caro Flynn (Fine porcelain gold enhancements); Christine Gittins (Marbled porcelain); Russell Coates (Japanese inspired); Ivor Mitchel (Contemporary Vibrant pieces); Alisher Nazirov (Vibrant symbolic pieces from Uzbekistan); Abdullah Nazuraev (Vibrant symbolic pieces from Uzbekistan); Val James (Sculpture); Jacob Chan (Chinese influenced soda fired pieces)

Glass: Crispian Heath (Sculptures)

Textiles: Bethan Roper (Hand-made quilts); Gwen Vaughan (Wildlife hand-knitted cashmere jumpers)

Jewellery: Tzvetan Panajotovad (Bulgarian)

Creativity: Trysorau Cymraeg (Driftwood models); Fiona Heaney (Wire sculpted birds)


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Tel: (01834) 831268